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Decommissioning & Recycling

Embrace a sustainable future with our Decommissioning & Recycling services, tailored for the forward-thinking engineering sector. We specialize in the safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible dismantling of obsolete infrastructure and machinery. Our expert team ensures that all materials are processed and recycled in compliance with the latest environmental regulations, minimizing waste and maximizing resource recovery. Partner with us to transform end-of-life assets into new beginnings, reinforcing your commitment to eco-friendly practices and circular economy principles.

  • Our decommissioning experience comprises but is not confined, within the following industry environments: Broadcast TV and Radio Networks, Telecommunications networks, electrical switchboard and external distribution systems, decommissioning air handling and air conditioning systems, wires, lights, heating and ventilation systems in buildings, and more.
  • Our cost-efficient and dependable services cover everything from replacing damaged or worn components, changing filters or providing complete equipment overhauls.
  • Services cover everything from complex air-conditioning plant and battery backup power systems to decommissioning obsolete equipment alongside critical, live systems.
  • Our experience of working within the Telecoms, Broadcast, and Data Processing sectors has given us the opportunity to manage a number of large decommissioning projects.