Domercoo Ltd , DN8, UK
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Machinery & Automation

Machinery & Automation Services: We specialize in the design and integration of mechanical assemblies ranging from simple setups to advanced PLC-controlled machinery. Prioritizing safety, we offer machine guarding and state-of-the-art safety automation solutions. Our expert team provides diagnostics, mechanical repairs, gearbox servicing, and recovery. We also handle replacements of shaft bearings, pulleys, sprockets, rollers, and chains. Enhance your operations with our machinery modifications, user-friendly HMI interfaces, and reliable lockout tagout devices.

Photo of automobile production line. Welding car body. Modern car assembly plant. Auto industry. Male worker in an orange protective helmet.

We will perform

  • Mechanical assemblies to more complex machines incorporating PLC control solutions
  • Machine Guarding & Safety Automation Solutions
  • Diagnostics & Mechanical Repairs
  • Gearbox, service, repair, and recovery
  • Replacing shaft bearings, pulleys and sprockets
  • Replacing rollers and chains
  • Process or Machinery Modifications
  • HMI interfaces
  • Lockout Tagout Devices